Monday, August 17, 2015


For the last few days I've had such a praise in my heart. Almost like I just want to reach out and give God a great big hug! Not because something amazing has happened, although it's a blessing each day I'm able to wake up and have breath in my body, but simply because of who he is. 

The more I learn who Jesus is, and the closer I get to being who he's called me to be the easier it becomes for me to lay down my wants and little annoyances that make me not want to move in the direction I'm being lead to move in. 
I've learned that these seasons I go through with Jesus are so special. Sure, it hurts sometimes and all I want to do is lay in bed, put on my fav show on netflix with a box of kleenex and cry because things aren't going "my way". Then after a few days pass and the clouds finally seem to subside, I'm able to realize, what really is "my way"? I mean sure I have many things I desire, but then I realize..I'm so freakin fickle there's a reason his word says, "If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me" Matthew 16:24. See, he knows exactly where I need to be every minute, every second of each and every day. Sure, I'm right there with you in feeling like sometimes it's much easier to want to know what that future holds, but I've found a lot more peace and it's much easier to just trust and get to know the one that holds the future. After all, he's numbered the hairs on your head. He knew you in your mothers womb and willed each day to be as it is. So lets learn to trust that. Our ways are so fickle, but his are so strong and firm. There is no wavering with him. You either follow his lead or you don't. You either allow him to tell you to step out the boat and trust him and know that he will not let you drown and truly flourish or you don't. The choice really is your own. That's the great thing about Jesus, he gives us free will to do just as we so desire..and I desire him. 

Do you trust his way, not just by words but in your heart? Stop. Think about it. 

Stay hopeful luvs :)

xoxo ~Nell


  1. Love this, Nell!! Yes, we can be so fickle in our ways. He knows I'm guilty of it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I'm right there with you :)

  2. Love this, Nell!! Yes, we can be so fickle in our ways. He knows I'm guilty of it. Thanks for sharing!