Thursday, February 27, 2014

Links I LOVE

1. If you didn’t get a chance to check out this new documentary on the ID channel (which is my current obsession) PLEASE, PLEASE check out the re-run of this new show The Injustice Files. This made me sad, disgusted, and has made me even more vigilant of my surroundings as a young black woman...yes even in the year 2014. To all those that think racism is dead...wrong! It is still very much alive. Check out a write up of what the show was all about, but if the term "Sundown Towns" ring a bell then I’m sure you already know.  

2. How gorgeous is Lupita?! She is effortlessly chic and elegant. If you haven’t jumped on the Lupita bandwagon you’re missing out! She is a true example of what beauty looks like. Take notes’s much more than what you wear or how you look, it’s in how you carry yourself. So stop thinking “drinking watermelon” is going to make you look better in some mans eyes.

3. And this little lady has gone viral over the past few days and over here at Flourishing Hope she’s stolen my heart too!!

4. How much are you LOVING Jamie Foxxs' daughter in her modeling debut?! It’s refreshing to see a young lady still looking and acting like, well, a young lady. Cheers to great parenting Jamie Foxx to this beautiful 20 year old!

 These links don't have much to do with inspiration or encouragement but they sure are entertaining. Enjoy loves...

xoxo ~Nell

What links are you loving these days?


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Words of Wisdom

Happy Wednesday! Today's Words of Wisdom is pretty self explanatory...

Forgiveness. It's something we all talk about but most of us rarely ever do it. Today do YOURSELF a favor and forgive. Forgive that hateful co worker, your ex, that friend that talked about you like a dog behind your back, who ever it is just forgive, and MOVE ON.

Sure, it may be easier said than done but trust me, lack of forgiveness toward others will eventually start to eat at you like a tumor and you will notice those same things you didn't forgive someone for becoming issues you have trouble trusting others with in the future. So save yourself the headache, the stress that it will eventually bring to your body, the impending fights with friends and just simply forgive and let. it. go!

xoxo ~Nell

What is that one thing you've had trouble forgiving someone about? How did you eventually learn to forgive?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Be Confident

So you broke up with your boyfriend and your feelings are hurt? So you gave more than you got? So you loved unconditionally and got conditions thrown at you left and right? Well I'm here to tell you, sometimes the best relationships are the ones you break up from. Any relationship where you felt less than, where you couldn't be yourself no matter how much you tried, where you changed to fit his idea of what a woman should be, and any relationship where you're peace was broken from day one simply IS NOT WORTH IT!
That saying, "time heals all wounds" is true, but trust me from experience sometimes that time seems more like a lifetime of pain than a moment of pain. So pick up the pieces, dust yourself off, get your "happy" back, because another one will come and this time your unconditional may match his.
But do yourself a favor in the meantime, spend some time alone and get to know yourself, you may be surprised how strong you are, how brave you are, how smart you are, and that "being too nice" may come in your favor one day :). Sometimes we hop in and out of relationship's to run away from the hurt when the only one we're really hurting is ourselves. So stop walking around with open wounds expecting another man to administer surgery on those gashes, instead, do your own mending and healing, and STOP thinking about ALL the time you gave to that man that didn't deserve a second. 
Be Confident in who you are, whose you are, and what you want!
Below is a poem from someone I follow on instagram Just Mike...his words have hit home to me in MANY ways, and if you don't have one of his books (Just Words 1&2) then you're really missing out!! Let this resonate with you today...
xoxo ~Nell
Todays post is for that one that's hurting inside and doesn't know if the sun will ever rise again. Just know you're not the only one...these words are as much for myself as they are for you. So sit back, grow in loving yourself again, your time will come.
Are you dealing with a recent breakup or one that you just can't seem to get over?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Be Inspired

Happy Monday!!!
Yes, we’ve made it to the start of another wonderful week!

Today, I want to pop in and just encourage you all to Be Inspired! Do something today that will set an AMAZING tone for the rest of the week. Monday blues are no fun, just ask anyone lol, but today shake that off and do a few things that can turn that around.

Today I received some sad news from a few people very near and dear to my heart, but I know that things will get better and everything will always work out in time. I don't have any eloquent words to inspire you, if all I can say is one thing that is to make the best out of today because tomorrow is never promised, and you never know what's right around the corner. So just be happy today, inspire someone with your infectious joy, and choose to surround yourself with those that inspire you! It's not something you have to pay for, or ask for, it's simply a choice, so choose it today, right NOW!

One of my motivators to jolt me from the Monday blues is good music and this has become one of my many enjoy and just be Happy!

Remember, today sets the tone for the rest of the week so make it a great one and Be Inspired.

xoxo ~Nell
What are some of your faves for getting in a good mood? How do you deal with the Monday blues?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Motivational Minute

Just popping in to give you a minute of motivation!!

As you're going through your daily tasks of work, kids, school, and life I want to nudge you a bit to just slow down and smell the roses.

While your co-worker may have plucked your VERY last nerve or your special someone just can't seem to get it right or that business you're trying to get off the ground seems to be in the same spot it was last year this time...STOP; just STOP and get some perspective on a few things.  Believe it or not you've probably come a lot further than you think you have!!

Todays featured video is a short documentary from someone I follow for inspiration, Ming Lee. Although I may not know her personally, her work ethic, drive, motivation, and desire to inspire so many have been refreshing to me. I was introduced to her social media by a good friend of mine and since then I have seen how she took nothing and built it into a brand (SNOB), an empire, something more than just a business but a following, and as you'll see in the video she gives just a few nuggets of what it took to get where she wanted to be and she's not done yet!!

So, just relax, take a minute, and believe that you will get there...wherever there may be for YOU!

xoxo ~Nell

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Words of Wisdom

Happy Wednesday!! We’ve made it half way through the workweek!

One of the many weekly features on Flourishing Hope blog will be Words of Wisdom Wednesday. Yes, it may be a bit corny but we all could use a little bit of corny in our lives, especially Wednesday morning when we’re just wishing and praying for Friday to hurry up and come.

Today’s word of wisdom is an old phrase of mine that gets me through some very, very tough days, “Have an attitude of gratitude.”

Many of us walk through our day doing our daily mundane tasks and somewhere along the line we get frustrated and feel like we’re in a rut doing the same thing over and over and over again, much like Groundhog Day. Well I’m here to tell you when those pesky thoughts of, “I’m not doing what I want to really be doing with my life,” or “I hate where I live, if only I could move somewhere else and enjoy different scenery” are the beginning thoughts that will lead to a terrible day.

I’ll share one of my personal struggles…For the longest time I HATED, I mean HATED the heat that came with living in Miami, I hated the gossipy and negative people I worked with and the terrible drivers on the road, the fact that my family was not close by in anyway, and the fact that I thought I made the WORST decision ever in life by moving to Miami (Yes, I really thought that). Then one day as I was sitting complaining and wallowing in my own self-pity I realized everything I prayed for, wished for, and hoped for at a young age was given to me. No, it didn’t come with my family close by, or the house I dreamed of living in while being a beach bum, but everything, EVERYTHING, was there, right there, just as I had prayed about and saw happening in my life. The hiccups and growing pains in between were just that, and it was all a part of taking the good with the bad.

So, instead of ALLOWING yourself to think negative thoughts, capture those thoughts, and DECIDE to think positive. Remember, happiness is a choice, so choose to be happy today and have an attitude of gratitude. You never know who you may be inspiring by choosing to smile in the face of adversity. There is always someone watching, be it for inspiration or from simply being nosey, your behavior could alter the behavior of others around you in a positive way.

Today for me, instead of dreading the heat that Miami has been having in February, I am choosing to think positively and enjoy the sun. Maybe I’ll even hit the beach after work with my pooch and be grateful for my portion. Sometimes, because we’re so caught up in hating how some of the gifts and blessings that we receive are wrapped, we don’t actually see them as the blessings they truly are.

I'll enjoy it while it lasts because there is no telling where tomorrow may take me…my quiet place. 
So if my personal struggle with accepting what was for me can help you in any way I hope it inspires you to have an attitude of gratitude. There is someone somewhere praying for even just an ounce of what you’re dreading about having to deal with today. 

xoxo ~Nell

Tell me what are some of your favorite words of wisdom? What do you usually do as a routine to stop negative thoughts that creep into your mind from growing into outward negative behavior (do you read, work out, pray, etc.)?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Today, is the first day of my blog. Today is the first day of hopefully many where I will reveal myself to you all. Hopefully through this forum I will reveal much of myself that I honestly, probably never reveal to even the closest people in my life.

Why you ask? Why reveal my inner most thoughts, actions, and desires to absolute strangers, well simply put, because random strangers that stumble upon this blog will seek growth, enlightenment and in turn will do the same for me, with their unbiased opinion and knowledge. One can never grow as a person without honesty, and wisdom from those around them.

As much as I hope to help you see things in a new light and grow, I hope that you will be able to do the same for me.

So with trepidation and hopefulness I start the beginning to a wonderful journey with you.

I hope you grow in love and wisdom.

With my heartfelt love,


Tell me, what are some things you have had to step out on faith with and ended up LOVING the journey, or hating it and why?