Monday, March 24, 2014

Be Inspired: Polyvore Edition

I'm a Polyvore addict! And with Spring Season upon us, there are lots of clothing to home inspiration to get lost in. Here are just a few of my most recent faves!

Who Wore It Better: Kerry Washington VS.Rihanna inSTELLA MCCARTNEY floral print ?Dress or coat?

I just LOVE a great floral print and this design has just the right amount of blooms and neutrals.

Art-Filled & Feminine With The Pink Pagoda

If you're not a single chick living alone, then this may be too much fem for your home, but for me this is EVERYTHING! The clean lines and pops of color make this look so simple, chic, and DO-ABLE.

Beauty set spring

I love that each spring season brings about "spring cleaning", and with that I am able to get rid of the old and bring in the new. These cool blue hues and soft floral notes are just what I need to bring in a new season.


For my spring breakers these are some GREAT must have's for your fun getaway. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

What cheers you up?

What's your go to thing to cheer you up?

For me I like to watch episodes of Hart of Dixie. Ever since I found out about these character's centered around a small town in Bluebell, Alabama I haven't been able to get enough. The issues have been ones that I could relate to, to some not quit relate-able. It's something about a small town concept that instantly gives me the warm and fuzzies. Not to mention I have the biggest crush on Wade Kinsella :)

What's your go to cheer up routine?

I need your help

Today I wasn't going to post anything because I've got a few personal issues I'm dealing with. Then, while I was playing around with a few things to update on my blog I happened to run across an older post that I wrote. Yes at that time I was in a much better place but I can say that it also helped me think, if I'm going to blog about encouragement and inspiration then I need to follow my own words!

What is a girl to do when it feels like so much is slipping away? Hold on? Have faith? Pray and believe that all things will work out for my good? Yes! That is all true but sometimes, just sometimes those words just don't help and I get it. But do me a favor just don't give up!! Today isn't the greatest day and you might; just like myself; have many more terrible days where all seems lost but just to remember that today is just a day and tomorrow although it isn't promised it has so much potential in it to be a much better day than the one past.

I've had to look at it like this, each day is a clean slate. A clean state to not dwell on the pain, the struggle, or the hindrances but to choose to have joy and cherish the little moments in life that we have. So take a moment and stop, close your eyes, and take a deep breathe. Yes that's life you feel flowing through your veins. Now lets go live it!

So today I need YOUR help! Stick with me and be encouraged, and if you want encourage me with some simple words of wisdom. As we encourage others we encourage ourselves.

Stay hopeful my loves :)

xoxo ~Nell