Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Minute Motivation

Have you ever been in such a place that you're almost afraid to make a it left or right?

I've missed blogging and giving daily inspiration to you all that listen and read but to be honest my life right now is so up and down. It's like how can I possibly try to help others when I can't even help myself?

Sure, people can look into my social media and see me smiling but behind that smile carries a lot of hurt, pain, and anger. I am one that REFUSES to let hate settle in my heart for even just a little bit, but some of the deceit and daggers that people have thrown my way have worn me out.

Yesterday, a good friend of my sisters that I've only met once but keep in touch via Facebook checked in on me out the blue. See, she had been feeling down in her spirit and something was telling her to pray for someone; it's amazing how things work out because she checked in on me out of the blue; only to find that she was indeed praying for me on my behalf because I couldn't pray for myself.

One thing that I can say and see is that through this test and trial that I'm going through to grow, people around me that I never know or never think are behind me really are. Some of the ones closest to you may not even pick up on it, but those that have that distant relationship see and recognize and let you know that they are there in even the simplest of ways and it's amazing. It's amazing to see the love of God work through people and sometimes the most unlikely people (I'm so thankful for you).

So I say that to say, hold on just a little longer, because that peace that's soon going to overtake you is nothing but the love of God and his working power from the help of those that see you from a distance praying on your behalf simply because they know you can't pray for yourself. If you gave up one second too soon you'll never get to see the benefit of the test and trial you're going through, nor will you ever really understand the amount of people that truly have your back when you think you're all alone. I know where you are, I'm slowing coming out of where you lets get through this together.

Love you with all my heart


You do what you can and God will do what you can’t! ~Paula White

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  1. Hey Girl! Nicely put, and poetic. Smile :) A