Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Something to look forward to: My favorite things

Now that the swealtering hot days of summer are coming to an end and back yard BBQ's will be a thing of the past for a few months at least, and bright colors will get replaced with warm earth tones, and seasonal salads will be replaced with yummy comfort foods like chowder and other delicious soups that just means my FAVORITE season is upon us. Fall! Aww how much I love the :).

Although I live in the great sunshine state; Miami specifically; I won't have a chance to enjoy all things fall per say that just means I can live vicariously through my friends that live further North via social media. And the days I visit friends and family back in VA will mean that much more to me.

When I think of Fall, in my mind all I see are tree's of beautiful burnt orange and reddish hues, crisp evening air, and super cute boots! You can't forget about the boots! And for whatever reason; maybe it's because I've always loved New England ANYTHING; I always envision Rhode Island cottages and all things New Englandy (yes I made that up :))

Here are some of my favorite things I look forward to enjoying these upcoming months.
This is one lovely cottage overlooking the ocean! It's not your average small one room and kitchenette Rhode Island style abode that usually comes to mind. I wouldn't mind staying here and getting snowed in! 
How beautiful are Gods creations? I'm not one for the outdoors, but this gives me so much inspiration to enjoy the outdoors and test my non existent camping skills!
And who misses a crab fest when you can have THIS amazing creation?!

Well I hope you're enjoying these last dog days of summer and looking forward to Fall as much as I am.

Share some of your favorite things you experienced this summer and things you're looking forward to this Fall.

Be blessed my loves!

xoxo ~Nell



  1. your blog is so lovely! i love this post, the photos are so amazing! id love it if youd comment back xx