Thursday, October 9, 2014

Blogtober14: Best Halloween Memory

Given that my family never really celebrated Halloween much, my fondest memories are probably a bit different than yours, I don't have too many memories trick or treating and costume wise. But what I do have are memories of my family just being together and enjoying each others company.

See I'm the youngest of 5 to parents that worked and still do work very hard. They are both retired military and coming from a rather large family we didn't have a lot of money to eat out in my younger years just because. But each Halloween; before Churches came up with there own traditions like praise night, and trunk or treat, where people dressed like their favorite people in the bible; we would always pack up in the Minivan (Good ol' Aerostar) and head to the nearest resturaunt.

Back then (as if I'm super old lol), but back then we didn't have a huge choice of options so we would hitup Shoney's...good ol' Shoney's! I still to this day love that place. It just holds so many memories. From the costumed bear that would walk around passing out candy, to the lollipop treats given at check out, to the arcade games, they would have that were always rigged for you to lose; but back then at .25 cents a game why not!

Unfornatley, like most things that Shoney's in the area I grew up in has changed from one resturaunt to another; most currently IHOP; and the only time I run across one is when I'm south of 95 and people talk a little slower, drive a little more careful, and take their time and communicate with their neighbors. Gosh how I miss the days where people were just nicer.

But anyway back to the matter at hand. Halloween for me now isn't much more than just October 31st. Sometimes I'll get the occasional knock on my door and have to hush my dog, but at least in between the occasional knock and the semi scary movies on tv to watch, I can reminisce on the days where my family would just sit back and enjoy one another. Times were simpler, days were slower, we actually looked up to see one another instead of having our eyes glued to phones or tablets, and we didn't take for granted the time we had enjoying a meal out with one another. Not that we don't do that now but as times change you're able to enjoy nicer things, and sometimes enjoying dinner together is nothing more than just another dinner together.

What's your Best or Worst Halloween Memory? Do you remember Shoney's?

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