Tuesday, February 3, 2015

About Our New Changes

In a world where sexual influence is everywhere, I just want to be that light in a dark place. A place where we not only look Holy but live Holy. A place where we can live free, worship Christ, and look great serving Him. I'm just following the charge Christ has put on my heart. Where I can be the wick and he be the flame and that flame not go out but burn stronger and deeper for Christ daily. I pray Flourishing Hope blesses you as much as creating each post has blessed me. 

Some of the new content will consist of outfit ideas (Modern Modesty), daily devotionals, new christian songs and books to help guide you on your journey of life, and other exciting news and content the Lord presses on my heart to release. 

I've prayed long and hard about this change and I pray it truly blesses you, and can help bridge the gap between cultures, generations, and people that just love Jesus and want to know and do all they can do to serve him. 

~Why be the same when we're set apart to be so different~

Love you guys :)



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