Thursday, February 20, 2014

Motivational Minute

Just popping in to give you a minute of motivation!!

As you're going through your daily tasks of work, kids, school, and life I want to nudge you a bit to just slow down and smell the roses.

While your co-worker may have plucked your VERY last nerve or your special someone just can't seem to get it right or that business you're trying to get off the ground seems to be in the same spot it was last year this time...STOP; just STOP and get some perspective on a few things.  Believe it or not you've probably come a lot further than you think you have!!

Todays featured video is a short documentary from someone I follow for inspiration, Ming Lee. Although I may not know her personally, her work ethic, drive, motivation, and desire to inspire so many have been refreshing to me. I was introduced to her social media by a good friend of mine and since then I have seen how she took nothing and built it into a brand (SNOB), an empire, something more than just a business but a following, and as you'll see in the video she gives just a few nuggets of what it took to get where she wanted to be and she's not done yet!!

So, just relax, take a minute, and believe that you will get there...wherever there may be for YOU!

xoxo ~Nell

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