Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Words of Wisdom

Happy Wednesday! Today's Words of Wisdom is pretty self explanatory...

Forgiveness. It's something we all talk about but most of us rarely ever do it. Today do YOURSELF a favor and forgive. Forgive that hateful co worker, your ex, that friend that talked about you like a dog behind your back, who ever it is just forgive, and MOVE ON.

Sure, it may be easier said than done but trust me, lack of forgiveness toward others will eventually start to eat at you like a tumor and you will notice those same things you didn't forgive someone for becoming issues you have trouble trusting others with in the future. So save yourself the headache, the stress that it will eventually bring to your body, the impending fights with friends and just simply forgive and let. it. go!

xoxo ~Nell

What is that one thing you've had trouble forgiving someone about? How did you eventually learn to forgive?

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