Thursday, March 20, 2014

What cheers you up?

What's your go to thing to cheer you up?

For me I like to watch episodes of Hart of Dixie. Ever since I found out about these character's centered around a small town in Bluebell, Alabama I haven't been able to get enough. The issues have been ones that I could relate to, to some not quit relate-able. It's something about a small town concept that instantly gives me the warm and fuzzies. Not to mention I have the biggest crush on Wade Kinsella :)

What's your go to cheer up routine?


  1. I LOVE hart of dixie. Watching third season now. haha y fave character is Lemon.
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    Renee x
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    1. Lemon is def my second fave, she helps make that show great!

      Stay hopeful my fellow HOD chick! And don't forget to watch the new eps tonight :)

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