Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Adventures in Miami!

Happy humpday! Sorry I had to say it :)

I don't know about you but today has been one of those days mixed with too many different emotions I care to have to deal with. I've been happy, frustrated, annoyed, and calm all rolled into one and might I add the day isn't even close to being over!

Frustrated: My morning like most mornings started with taking my little girl Mimi for her morning walk @ 5:30am, then coming back feeding her hopping in the shower, and getting myself together. Well today of all days she took it upon herself to pee on my floor YET AGAIN (thank God for wood!) but this time what got me is that instead of doing it when we were outside like she knew to do she waited until I wasn't watching and we got back inside the house...why, because she just couldn't let me go about my morning routine easily.

My Mimi!! With a face like that how can you stay mad righ?!
Happy: When I finally got into work; which was a breeze for a change thanks to the highway being free of crazies early this morning I actually thought it was a holiday that I didn't know about lol; I was greeted warmly by my co workers with a smile and an oh so yummy pastry from this food truck that just so happens to be stationed behind the buildings where I work! The pastry was so good that I sadly went back for more during lunch.

Annoyed: So one would think delving into something so scrumptious would be enough to make you sit back and enjoy the rest of your day...nope, not me! I let my internal dialogue start up and beat myself up for all the calories I had eaten that would more than likely not be lost, instead of simply enjoying the little pleasures in life.

This may not look that good but it was AMAZING!
Calm: So now I sit here sharing with you my emotional rollercoaster of a day, while enjoying the smoothie I chose to make after talking myself out of eating the entire pastry I just bought, and venting via this blog just how erratic someone elses day can be.

What I made as my real lunch...yes I keep a blender at work!
I know my day is NOTHING in comparison to what some people have to deal with on a daily basis and I won't try to start a, "woe is me debate". This is said to show you just how easy we can take ANYTHING and make it into something so much more than what it is. Some things in life are factors that we can either control or not control, and an emotion is one that YOU, yourself can control. Today do yourself a favor and choose not to be contolled by your emotions instead control them! It's something that I'm learning to do daily.

xoxo ~Nell

Do yourself a favor and instead of allowing yourself to get in a rut of emotions do something that'll make you happy and take your mind off my friend said eating french fries eases her mind do that lol. How has your day been? Do you oftentimes find yourself making something out of nothing and then realized how much you allowed your emotions to control you?

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