Monday, March 10, 2014

Adventures in Miami: Swamp edition

I'm no photographer so this picture probably doesn't do it much justice but my visit to the everglades was the most peaceful thing I've done since coming to Miami. There is something to be said about being out in the open space with all of Gods creatures in their element and fresh air.

If you haven't had a chance to go on an air boat ride I'd strongly recommend you do! The place I went was even better since it was on an actual Indian Reservation. I was able to learn some great traditions, what stipulations they have to follow in order to maintain living on the reservation and other great facts you wouldn't think about.

The Miccosukee Indian Reservation
Our tour guide is part Apache and Mexican and at 18 years old he had the wisdom of a 90 year old. He has been riding air boats out in the everglades since he was 10.
He knew just what to do to call the animals to him. Like I said it was so peaceful out there and even the alligator's that came close to the boat were at ease. He informed us that most gators are very docile, so what you see on television these days are pretty over sensationalized.

Not one but two different birds flew up and just sat on his head while he was talking. I was only able to capture this picture but you can tell he was use to them and they were use to him.

After all of the excitement from the swamp tour and hitting up the beach that night my friend took me to her spot for Thai. Who needs to cook their own when they can get a great chef to do it for them, right?! Bo was so warm and welcoming and to top it off he made me a special drink passed down to him from his mother and he showed me pictures from his family.
Yes that's Manny Pacquiao in those pictures. Me his uncle from across the pond Bo!
This weekend was pretty memorable for me. I learned to step out my comfort zone and just go with the flow of things, and I was able to scratch a few things off my bucket list or at least my list of things to do while I'm here in Miami.
I'll leave this quote with you. It pretty much sums up what this weekend meant to me. So, do yourself a favor and step out of your comfort zone in whatever area you may be trying to grow in. You are MUCH more than your current state and you have so much LIFE to live.
Stay hopeful :)

xoxo ~Nell

What did you do this weekend that you can say was something different than your usual? Are you scared to step out of your comfort zone?