Monday, March 3, 2014

Be Inspired

Merry Monday Hopefuls :)

I hope you're weekend was refreshing and just what you needed to get yourself in a place ready to tackle a new week! Last week is over so everything that went wrong don't bring it into a new week instead look ahead and aspire to make it amazing and unforgettable!

The above quote is one that I'm sure we've all seen and told our self a time or two, however, how many times do you actually put it into affect?

This quote hits home for me because I have a problem with holding on to things that seem to go wrong in my life and then magnifying them times 20 instead of letting go of what happened the day before, weeks ago, even years ago!! I'll be honest it's not easy not responding to a natural reaction of the hurt or frustration something caused you some time ago, but the more you practise not thinking about the past and living in the future it becomes easier, things become clearer. One day as the fog starts to settle you'll see how far you've come and wonder why you ever allowed yourself to live in the past for so long, because ultimately that's what you're doing living in the past in an area of your life from what someone did to you or said to you because you can't let it go. Why would you allow yourself to respond to an emotion and give it so much power over your life that happened years, weeks, or days ago instead of simply leaving it there at that moment? You're much better than that!

Tomorrow is never promised, heck, 10 seconds from now isn't promised so do yourself a favor and just live for today and don't look back at what happened yesterday, you'll be a happier're future looks a lot brighter than your yesterday :)

xoxo ~Nell

I hope todays post encouraged you to do something different.


  1. This is sooooooo true , and I am thankful I am looking ahead and not looking@ or for any disappointments from my past. It's called past for a reason. And we as being a part of mom always magnify things until it can't b magnified anymore. I'm proud of u and keep blogging... xoxxo

    1. Thanks sis!! Yes it's something we all deal with but something we can all move past. Love you!