Sunday, March 16, 2014

What are you doing?

What are you focusing on these days? Whatever it is make sure you do it with an earnest interest, dedication, and give it 110% effort. 

My main focus hasn't always been my spiritual growth but as I've gotten older it's become more and more a necessity to get through my daily life. For that reason I make sure that I'm making it a priority to dedicate time to reading, and praying, and not simply living life and then working my praying time around that. Sure, I may fall short in areas but you know what I'm giving it everything I've got and because of that the reward will be far greater than my shortfalls. 

Whatever your passion may be these days be it writing a book, growing spiritually, going back to school, or simply enjoying the little pleasures in life make sure you pursue it and dedicate yourself to it with everything you've got, the reward in the end is so sweet!

Stay hopeful my loves :)

xoxo ~Nell

What are you doing these days that you're passionate about? Have you hit a roadblock of fear or anxiety about going forward, if so STOP just STOP. Fear is simply False Evidence Appearing Real. If you start and stop and start and stop, well you know what, starting and stopping is far greater than not starting at all. 


  1. This is fab advice :) I made some big decisions in December and since then I've been trying to stay close to what makes me happy in life xox

    Kirsty : Tartan Bones

  2. That's great! Big life decisions are always difficult but so necessary to grow as a person. :)

    Great blog btw :)

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