Wednesday, March 12, 2014

When airbrushing goes wrong

Is anyone else disgusted by this once again terrible representation of what media thinks women are "suppose" to look like?
After seeing this picture and reading the full article here I was seriously annoyed and disgusted! This not only is a clear indication that media takes what they think society wants to see and runs with it, but it also says to me that NOTHING found in magazines, television, etc are as real as we think. Just like reality television isn't real, well sad to say the pictures we find in magazines of our favorite artists and entertainers probably are airbrushed and sensationalized just as much. Now this isn't the first time airbrushing has gone wrong, but this is the worst airbrushing I've seen to date. I mean really, last time I check that's more than just a thigh gap...but I'll leave that where it is.
If NOT having a gap in my thighs makes me less appealing in a bathing suit or less appealing period then so be it, but I will NOT starve myself or make myself to look like something or someone I'm's just not worth it at the end of the day.
Stay hopeful my loves :)
xoxo ~Nell
Did you see this roaming the Internet this week? How do you feel about this horrible airbrush job/picture? Is this yet another sign that what's found in media can't be trusted?

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