Monday, March 24, 2014

Be Inspired: Polyvore Edition

I'm a Polyvore addict! And with Spring Season upon us, there are lots of clothing to home inspiration to get lost in. Here are just a few of my most recent faves!

Who Wore It Better: Kerry Washington VS.Rihanna inSTELLA MCCARTNEY floral print ?Dress or coat?

I just LOVE a great floral print and this design has just the right amount of blooms and neutrals.

Art-Filled & Feminine With The Pink Pagoda

If you're not a single chick living alone, then this may be too much fem for your home, but for me this is EVERYTHING! The clean lines and pops of color make this look so simple, chic, and DO-ABLE.

Beauty set spring

I love that each spring season brings about "spring cleaning", and with that I am able to get rid of the old and bring in the new. These cool blue hues and soft floral notes are just what I need to bring in a new season.


For my spring breakers these are some GREAT must have's for your fun getaway. 

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